the primary difference between ordinary and extraordinary repairs is that extraordinary repairs

Actual costs incurred in the restoration of an asset are added to the adjusted cost basis of the asset to arrive at the revised cost of the restored asset and capitalized over the remaining useful life of the restored asset. Fees for management of personal investments or investments not necessary for the provision of contracted services are unallowable costs. Compensation must be in accordance with paragraph of this subsection concerning compensation of employees, must be made in regular periodic payments, must be subject to payroll or self-employment taxes, and must be verifiable by adequate documentation maintained by the contracted provider. A function is deemed necessary the primary difference between ordinary and extraordinary repairs is that extraordinary repairs when, if the owner or related party had not performed said function, the contracted provider would have had to employ another person to perform that function. To be necessary, a function must pertain to direct or indirect activities in the provision or supervision of contracted client services. The fact that an owner may have potential supervisory and managerial authority and responsibility is not as important as the manner in which this authority and responsibility is actually exercised. As an example, the right of the owner-administrator to overrule decisions does not solely constitute a basis for recognition of compensation comparable to nonowner-administrators.

When stock purchases are in excess of fair market value, the contractor shall credit the amount of the excess to the same indirect cost pools that were charged for the ESOP contributions in the year in which the stock purchase occurs. Public relations and advertising costs include the costs of media time and space, purchased services performed by outside organizations, as well as the applicable portion of salaries, travel, and fringe benefits of employees engaged in the functions and activities identified in paragraphs and of this subsection. Costs that specifically become designated as unallowable or as unallowable directly associated costs of unallowable costs as a result of a written decision furnished by a contracting officer shall be identified if included in or used in computing any billing, claim, or proposal applicable to a Government contract. This identification requirement applies also to any costs incurred for the same purpose under like circumstances as the costs specifically identified as unallowable under either this paragraph or paragraph of this subsection.

A personal representative shall not be liable for any act of administration or distribution if the act was authorized at the time. Subject to other obligations of administration, a probated will is authority to administer and distribute the estate according to its terms.

A cost is reasonable if, in its nature and amount, it does not exceed that which would be incurred by a prudent person in the conduct of competitive business. Reasonableness of specific costs must be examined with particular care in connection with firms or their separate divisions that may not be subject to effective competitive restraints. No presumption of reasonableness shall be attached to the incurrence of costs by a contractor. If an initial review of the facts results in a challenge of a specific cost by the contracting officer or the contracting officer’s representative, the burden of proof shall be upon the contractor to establish that such cost is reasonable. When appropriate, they serve to express the parties’ understanding and avoid possible subsequent disputes or disallowances. It also includes architect-engineer contracts related to construction projects.

  • If administration of the decedent’s estate has not commenced at any time after 90 days from the decedent’s death, any fiduciary may petition for an order of apportionment in the court in which venue would be proper for administration of the decedent’s estate.
  • To record advances of non-Federal funds to nonassociated organizations for authorized rural economic development projects.
  • A personal representative or a trustee is authorized to distribute any distributable assets, non-pro rata among the beneficiaries subject to the fiduciary’s duty of impartiality.
  • See instruction 1-6 for instructions covering extraordinary and prior period items of a nonrecurring nature.

Please do not act or refrain from acting based on anything you read on this site. Using this site or communicating with Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC, through this site does not form an attorney/client relationship. The dollar value of this entry must not exceed the deferral shown on the balance sheet. To record a reduction in the deferred Statement No. 106 transition obligation resulting from the adoption of the SERP.

A lease agreement qualifying as a capital lease shall be recorded in either Account 101.1, Property Under Capital Leases;Account 120.6, Nuclear Fuel Under Capital Leases; or Account 121, Nonutility Property, as appropriate, at the present value of the minimum lease payments. If, however, this amount exceeds the fair value of the leased property at the inception of the lease, the asset shall be recorded at its fair market value. An offsetting credit shall be recorded in Account 227, Obligations Under Capital Leases – Noncurrent, with the current portion recorded in Account 243, Obligations Under Capital Leases – Current. Assets recorded in Account 101.1 shall be classified separately according to the detailed accounts ( ) provided for electric plant in service.

Ann testified the building was in “mediocre” condition and Jay testified it needed $40,000 to $50,000 worth of repairs. Prior to trial, the parties entered into a joint custody agreement which gave Ann physical custody of the children for the majority of the time. The joint custody agreement was incorporated into the judgment for dissolution. The children wanted Mom to own everything so they asked me if they could donate their naked ownership interest back to Mom. I told them that we would have to complete the Succession first in accordance with Louisiana law, and that Dad’s half would have to go to the children, but then once the children were put “in possession” of the property, they could donate it back to Mom. Everyone felt good that Mom would own 100% of the property and the other Succession assets.

Tangible Property

Long-lived assets found on a company’s balance sheet may include some assets that have no physical substance. Insurance costs pertaining to items of unallowable costs are themselves unallowable costs. Reasonable finance charges and service charges, together with interest on indebtedness, are allowable costs. When an asset is sold before the end of its useful life and a gain is realized , no additional depreciation or expense is allowed. Any loss over $5,000 must be capitalized as a deferred charge and amortized over the useful life of the restored asset.

the primary difference between ordinary and extraordinary repairs is that extraordinary repairs

Accruals for the cost of securities before issuing the securities to the employees are subject to adjustment according to the possibilities that the employees will not receive the securities and that their interest in the accruals will be forfeited. Valuation placed on the securities is the fair market value on the first date the number of shares awarded is known, determined upon the most objective basis available.

Operating Expenses

The book cost of carrier property retired shall be determined from the carrier’s records and if this cannot be done it shall be estimated. When it is impracticable to determine the book cost of each unit, due to the relatively large number or small cost thereof, an appropriate average book cost of the units, with due allowance for any differences in size and character, shall be used as the book cost of the units retired. Oil pipelines must furnish the particulars of such estimates to the Commission, if requested.

The cash value of life insurance policies on the lives of employees and officers to the extent that the carrier is the beneficiary of such policies shall also be included in this account. When the flow through method is followed for the investment tax credit, account 671, Provision for deferred taxes, shall reflect the difference between the tax payable based on taxable income and tax expense based on accounting income.

If the substance of a participating contract is such that the employer remains subject to all or most of the risks and rewards associated with the benefit obligation covered and the assets transferred to the insurance company, that contract is not an annuity contract for purposes of Statement No. 87. To reduce the complexity and detail of the computations required, consistent use of an alternative amortization approach that more rapidly reduces the unrecognized cost of retroactive amendments is acceptable. For example, a straight-line amortization of the cost over the average remaining service period of employees expected to receive benefits under the plan is acceptable. Account 123.1 shall include investments in only those cooperatives, or enterprises, that are directly related to the electric utility industry and controlled by the electric cooperatives. Other investments in oil cooperatives and insurance companies shall be charged to Account 124. When a cooperative receives capital credits from a G&T cooperative, the transaction shall be recorded by a debit to Account 123.1, Patronage Capital from Associated Cooperatives, and a credit to Account 423, Generation and Transmission Cooperative Capital Credits. This entry shall be made priorto the closing of the cooperative’s books even though, in most cases, the notice of the G&T allocation is not received until after the close of the year to which it relates.

The employer’s obligation for payment for future absences is attributable to employees’ services already performed. If there are current year’s losses resulting in debit balances in either Account 219.1 or 219.2, credit balances in Accounts 219.2, 219.3, and 218 shall be transferred, to the extent necessary, to offset such deficits. Remaining credit balances allocable to patrons shall be transferred to Account 1.2. To record the board of directors’ authorization to make payments of capital credits.

the primary difference between ordinary and extraordinary repairs is that extraordinary repairs

A personal representative is a fiduciary who shall observe the standards of care applicable to trustees. A personal representative is under a duty to settle and distribute the estate of the decedent in accordance with the terms of the decedent’s will and this code as expeditiously and efficiently as is consistent with the best interests of the estate. A personal representative shall use the authority conferred by this code, the authority in the will, if any, and the authority of any order of the court, for the best interests of interested persons, including creditors. When it is necessary, the court may appoint a curator after formal notice to the person apparently entitled to letters of administration.

Liability Of The Bailee

The assets shall be segregated in the trust, or otherwise effectively restricted, so that they cannot be used by the employer for other purposes. The costs are paid to an insurer, provider, or other recipient for current year benefits or premiums. Payments to employees under agreements in which they receive special compensation, in excess of the contractor’s normal severance pay practice, if their employment terminates following a change in the management control over, or ownership of, the contractor QuickBooks or a substantial portion of its assets. If a contractor pays an employee in lieu of the employee receiving or exercising a right, option, or benefit which would have been unallowable under this paragraph , such payments are also unallowable. Payments to employees resulting from underpaid work actually performed are allowable, if required by a negotiated settlement, order, or court decree. Abnormal or mass severance pay is of such a conjectural nature that accruals for this purpose are not allowable.

Professional and consultant services are generally acquired to obtain information, advice, opinions, alternatives, conclusions, recommendations, training, or direct assistance, such as studies, analyses, evaluations, liaison with Government officials, or other forms of representation. Precontract costs means costs incurred before the effective date of the contract directly pursuant to the negotiation and in anticipation of the contract award when such incurrence is necessary to comply with the proposed contract delivery schedule. These costs are allowable to the extent that they would have been allowable if incurred after the date of the contract (see 31.109).

Cost of labor includes the amount paid for labor performed by the carrier’s own employees and officers. This includes payroll taxes, vacation pay, pensions, holiday pay and traveling and other incidental expenses of employees. No charge shall be made to these accounts for pay and expenses of officers and employees who merely render services incidentally in connection with extensions, additions or replacements. A retained income account to include equity in the undistributed earnings or losses of the investee since the date of acquisition; accumulated amortization of the difference between cost and net assets acquired at date of acquisition (see below). In the group of accounts designated as current assets shall be included cash and other assets or resources commonly identified as those which are reasonably expected to be realized in cash or sold or consumed within a one-year period. There shall not be included any amount the collection of which is not reasonably assured by the known financial condition of the debtor or otherwise.

How Does The Straight Line Method Affect Net Income?

Items which the contract schedule specifically excludes, shall be allowable only as depreciation or amortization. For miscellaneous costs of the type discussed in paragraph of this subsection, a lump-sum amount, not to exceed $5,000, may be allowed in lieu of actual costs. When mortgage differential payments are made on a lump-sum basis and the employee leaves or is transferred again normal balance in less than 3 years, the amount initially recognized shall be proportionately adjusted to reflect payments only for the actual time of the relocation. The actual services performed are documented in accordance with paragraph of this subsection. The qualifications of the individual or concern rendering the service and the customary fee charged, especially on non-Government contracts.

Instructions For Operating Revenues And Operating Expenses

Assuming this is the only work order for the month, the cost of this pin shall be charged to the conductor, so that its cost is included in the total cost of the project. In actual practice, however, this does not happen as it is normal to have a number of work orders for a given month, which include the setting of poles. In allocating the cost of all construction projects for the month, part of the cost of pole-top pins shall be allocated to poles even though the work orders on which they were capitalized did not include poles. The special equipment items retired and salvaged for reuse are returned to the materials and supplies account at the average material cost in the materials and supplies account and credited to the depreciation reserve upon closeout of the retirement work order. Labor, material and overhead costs associated with the initial installation and all subsequent installations of special equipment are recorded on construction work orders and charged to the appropriate plant accounts upon closeout of the construction work order. Liquidated damages are amounts paid by or assessed against contractors for the completion of construction after an agreed upon date. Liquidated damages shall be credited to Account 107, Construction Work-in-Progress – Electric.

Actual costs include standard costs properly adjusted for applicable variances. For each of the following items, enter the correct letter to show whether the expenditure should becapitalized or expensed .Transactions1. BusinessAccountingQ&A LibraryFor each of the following items, enter the correct letter to show whether the expenditure should becapitalized or expensed .Transactions1. Depreciation is an accounting method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life and is used to account for declines in value over time. A capitalized cost is an expense that is added to the cost basis of a fixed asset on a company’s balance sheet. If the amount spent on an extraordinary repair is immaterial, it is more efficient from an accounting perspective to charge the cost to expense as incurred, rather than adjusting the book value of the fixed asset.

Reasonable trustee or custodial fees paid by the contracted provider will be allowed as an administrative cost. However, such fees will not be allowable where the deferred compensation plan provides that they will be paid out of the corpus or earnings of the fund. However employer-paid contributions can revert back to the contracted provider in the event an employee does not vest if designated in the requirements for vested benefits. This account shall be credited with amounts charged to operating expenses or other accounts representing the loss in service value of carrier property subject to amortization accounting as authorized by the Commission. Upon the retirement of property subject to amortization this account shall be charged with the amount included herein applicable to the specific property at the time the property is retired.

Any person who is determined to have received excessive compensation from an estate for services rendered may be ordered to make appropriate refunds. If a separate written agreement regarding compensation exists between the attorney and the decedent, the attorney shall furnish a copy to the personal representative prior to commencement of employment, and, if employed, shall promptly file and serve a copy on all interested persons.

Upon notification of receipt of the interest in the trustee account, Account 221.XX, Long-Term Debt – Pollution Control Bonds, shall be debited and Account 171, Interest and Dividends Receivable shall be credited. Upon completion of construction, Account 419, Interest and Dividend Income, contra asset account shall be credited for the amount of interest income earned during the period. If a borrower provides satellite or cable television services as part of its normal operations, the investment in satellite or cable television equipment shall be recorded in Account 121, Nonutility Property.

Electric Plant-in-Service – A retirement work order shall be prepared for electric plant constituting a unit of property. The loss due to retirement shall be charged to Account 108.6, Accumulated Provision for Depreciation of Distribution Plant. If the plant does not constitute a retirement unit, the loss shall be charged to the appropriate maintenance expense account. A special power cost study is defined as a study to determine whether sufficient power will be available in the future. If additional power or power sources are needed, the study determines whether generation or purchase will supply the lesser cost. As costs are incurred, they shall be charged to a subaccount of Account 186, Miscellaneous Deferred Debits. Upon completion of the study, the costs shall be charged to Account 557, Other Expenses, or amortized to Account 557 over a period of time not to exceed 5 years.